Your Style, Your Personality, Your Rug

Fior create individual, luxurious hand-tufted rugs of exceptional quality and design.

We only use the highest qualities of wool, viscose, Tencel and other yarns assiduously sourced and tested at length to ensure that we produce the very best carpets for your floor.

There is  truly diverse potential for your design. The possibilities are boundless: size, format, material and surface finish, tapestry or carpet.

Should you be looking for a special colour or pattern to match a particular environment: Fior can tuft it to your exact specification, from bespoke yarn dyeing to original design concepts.

Whether it is a luxury carpet for your home or a rug to fit into a project concept, Fior have the ability to produce any individual piece for a unique setting.

A carpet dream coming true

Touch the design, revel in color, feel the extravagance.
Create your own carpet according to your very own taste.
We will even dye the yarn specifically for your rug – there could be no better way to match your personal interior design style. In close exchange with you, we will set up the overall concept.
Together we will create your dream carpet – contact Fior for your personal offer.

Fior – Your wish is our command.

It is all about Quality

Quality plays a major role for us. To use simply the best material is only one part of many.
Finest New Zealand wool, delicate viscose or shiny Tencel – choose from our high-quality yarns and determine colour, shape and character. We take over the rest.

Our production in Germany works with state-of-the-art technology hand-tuft robots. The elaborate finishing of your carpet is still done by hand. Paying attention to detail is most important to us.

Fior – Passion and technology in perfection.

Order your individual carpet in a few steps

1. Let us know what you are looking for by sending us a design, drawing, explanation… or simply choose from a design from our collection. Also define the size and format of your carpet.

2. Select your desired colour(s).

3. Make your choice of material.

4. Choose the style of surface – Cut or Loop.

5. Select the pile height.

6. Define the quality of your carpet regarding weight (kg/sqm).

7. You will get your quotation in a few days and we will start to tuft your one-of-a-kind rug after receiving your confirmation.

8. Your personal rug will be delivered in 4~8 working weeks.